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Welcome to the Syrian cuisine


Update: Considering the unfortunate circumstances in Syria, posting new recipes is on hold for some time. Thanks for your support and visiting our website. 


The Syrian cooking tradition is one of the oldest in the world. Cooking ingredients are varied and dishes are full of hearty flavors and aromatic spices. Vegetables are mostly the main ingredients of Syrian everyday cooking. Meat dishes are typically served during feasts and special celebrations. Syrians like to decorate their table with different appetizers and salads. Syrian desserts are stuffed with different nuts, cream, cheese or dates.

Like many people, I learned authentic Syrian cooking from my mom, and from relatives and friends. I decided to create this website to share my joy of cooking with others, especially those who have not tried our dishes and long to taste new fresh and healthy flavors.

I'm looking forward to reading your reviews, comments and questions.




Latest Recipes

Lemon-Garlic Thin Steaks

Lemon garlic steak

Although Syrians are not big on steaks; this dish, 'Sharhat Mtafay شرحات مطفاية', will satisfy any steak-lover. Thin tender steaks are seared then "quenched" by lemon-garlic sauce. Simply good!


Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves


Grape leaves are stuffed with a vegetarian mix, rolled and cooked in a tangy sauce with olive oil. This version of stuffed grape leaves (also known as yalanji) is served cold as an appetizer.



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