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Fund Raising Ideas

Syrian Food Fundraiser If you are planning a fundraiser to help refugees, first of all, THANK YOU! Here you will find some ideas of what you can serve and/or sell in your fundraiser. Be sure to explore the website for more recipe ideas. While many of the Syrian dishes seem delicious, opt for those that are simple to make, appeal to your intended audience, and cater to a variety of diets (e.g. vegan, gluten-free, etc.) Authentic Syrian buffet dinners: Ask the refugees to cook a variety of the famous Syrian dishes. Guests pay an admission fee. But if the refugees cannot help or have not arrived yet, Simple Syrian buffet dinners: If an expert on Syrian cooking is not available, choose simple dishes to make, such as Red burgul pilaf, mujadara, ojji, oven roasted chicken and potato, kabab, Dawood Bash (Syrian meatballs) Mezza bar Hummus bar Syrian bake sale