About The Site

About The Site

Syrian Cooking is a place for me to share my passion about cooking with you. I got the idea to create this website after trying to find Syrian recipes online. I was surprised not to find good and reliable resources (if any). Too bad that such an ancient and delectable cuisine is not well represented online for all people around the world to taste. Did you know that Damascus is the oldest inhabited city in the world!

All recipes on this website are inherited generation after generation. Most I learned from my mom, grandma, or a friend’s moms. I try to retain the original recipe, but have to make some changes sometimes to make it more practical. I usually refer to any changes in the recipe. I try to find most of the ingredients in the local market. This is sometimes hard to do when you are living in the middle of nowhere in Iowa. This website will help you by suggesting alternatives for things you might not find in your local market.

Before I upload any recipe, I would have usually prepared it several times. I prepare it one more time and write down the exact measurements. I am using the American measurement system for this website.

All pictures are taken by me or my husband and are copy-righted.

For years I have not been able to write new recipes because of all the violence in Syria. However, recently, I have been contacted by many warm-hearted people who wanted to host Syrian refugees and/or make them feel welcome. I deeply and sincerely appreciate such support. I have been adding more content to the website to help in that regard, such as lists of Syrian grocery items, kitchen items, Syrian culture in general. 

You can get in touch with me through comments here or Syriancooking Facebook page.

Enjoy Syrian Cooking (sahtain!)


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  1. Hi Ghinwa,
    I work for Tyndale House Publishers and we would like to link to one of your recipes in a campaign we are doing centered around a children’s book we are doing on the refugee crisis. I would love for people to come to your site and learn ways they can make Syrian refugees feel at home. Would you be interested in granting permission to link to recipe in our campaign? Thank you!

  2. I have used your recipes time & time again. They have been endorsed by 2 very discerning foodie men, 1 Syrian, 1 Lebanese. Both have families with restaurants. Your site is my go-to site for parties, which is why I am on here tonight, party tomorrow. Thank you .. Loving the new look by the way… freshened it up. ?

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