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Bharat (Syrian Spice Mix)


A wide variety of spice mixes is used in the Syrian kitchen. Here is one of the standard recipes of bharat (spice mix) although people in different regions use different ingredients/ amounts. 








  • 50% allspice
  • 20% black pepper
  • 10% cinnamon
  • 5% ginger
  • 5% nutmeg
  • 5% cloves
  • 5% cardamom


  1. Instead of giving exact measurements, I will provide you with percentages that you can adapt for your own recipe.
  2. Grind the spices in a spice grinder (the same as a coffee grinder but I would only use it for spices).
  3. Mix well and use right away or store in an air-tight container.
Comments (6)
  • josephine  - Thanks
    Thanks for sharing these recipes . Syrian cooking is brand new to me . I will let you know how I get on! I have a Syrian friend whom I wish to cook for
  • Ghinwa  - Re: Thanks
    You are welcome, Josephine. Keep us posted on how your Syrian Cooking endeavours will turn out ;)
  • Crystal  - So glad to find these
    I lost my hand-copied recipes I learned years ago in the middle east from my then mother-in-law.
    I am so happy to find this website with recipes the way I learned them.
    Ex: your baba ghanoush is authentic (no creamy texture) and adding the pomegranite seeds is the real thing.
    Thanks again.
  • Ghinwa  - Re:
    Glad you found the website useful (and authentic), Crystal :)
  • Noorizhan
    Hi Ghinwa,I live in Asia...
    I m just wondering parsley as in
    English or Italian parsley ..we do hv Chinese parsley and all have got varied fragrance.
    If I may ask which one is used in Syrian cooking. Tks
  • Ghinwa  - Parsely
    The parsley we use in Syria is like Italian (flat-leaf) parsley. What people refer to as 'Chinese parsley' is actually 'cilantro'. We use cilantro in Syria, too, in other dishes, but it is different than parsley. So when a recipe calls for parley, look for Italian parsley.
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